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A very first good impression has the powers to make a world of difference when selling your home. Upgrading your curb appeal have a great potential to influence how potential customers feel about your home even before they get their feet inside. While it is important to balance your expenditure on improvements with an accurate idea of what you can get back, most of the improvements to your landscaping will cost a little as compared to the benefits of added home value and a prompt sale.

Home renovation should include colorful and attractive yard and garden landscaping. However, a home reading “high to maintain” can scare buyers away, so it is important to keep in mind that landscaping should be neat and uncluttered. Below are some of the applicable ways to achieve an eye catching curb appeal when selling a home.


Get a fresh vista

Before choosing on which projects to start with, a distant view helps you have an overall view of your landscape. Two simple tricks can help you see your “used to” landscaping with a new view point.

Stand far enough from your landscape where you can see it all at once. Some of the areas viewed with blurred eyes appear overgrown and dark. Some might feel messy because of the many too small statues, plantings, or pots. Bright and clean, but too bare areas can also be seen. All of the mentioned insights can give an idea to jump start your home renovation.

The second technique is taking some black and white photos of your landscaping. Taking color away can make a used to space seem new, so you can identify it with objective eyes.


Define borders and add mulch

Clean edges deceive the eye into seeing the entire landscape as well maintained and neat. Defining the borders where the lawn has crept into a garden beds to create an even line can make a world of difference to the look of your whole landscape. Avoid the mistake of creating wavy borders and go for smooth borders that are in scale with your home’s size.


Prune overwhelming shrubs

Any plant leaning on the house can cause ant and mold infestations and chipped paint. Gentle pruning of these plant is a great task. It can be a problem if it is noted in the report of inspection conducted by whoever having plans of buying a home.


Add color with paint and pots

If a certain area is not drawing the eye as it is supposed to, a bold color can be just what is needed. Freshly painted or stained patio furniture can capture the eye and help customers imagine the great moments they will be spending in their new landscape.


Ask for help

If you are having a hard time in deciding what to focus on, consulting landscape designers can help you pinpoint the tasks that will bring the greatest recoup.


Photo: Brian Grautreau


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